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The compact Club-27 Brian speakers show best sound quality and dynamics one can find for compact speakers on the market. Though small in size the Brian's easily can cope with bigger rooms up to 70m2.
Brian Jones was guitar player, multi- instrumentalist and one of the founders of the Rolling Stones. In the beginning he was one of the creative heads of the Rolling Stones and one of the most charismatic musicians of this time. Later he often was disabled caused by his drug- addiction, at this time Mick Jagger and Keith Richards embossed the music of the Rolling Stones. Brian Jones drowned in a pool, until today
the circumstances are not fully enlightened. Brian Jones passed away too young and we miss the new impulses he carried into the rock- music.

The Club-27 Brian speakers are a tribute to Brian Jones, they carry- in a new quality to compact sized speakers. The Club-27 Brian speakers are more detailed and more versatile than anybody would expect from small footprint speakers.

The Brian speakers are based on crossover- less 4“ wideband drivers and Mundorf AMT tweeters. The small sized European made wideband drivers get in- house treatments to behave well and show a flat graph up to 8Khz without crossover- parts in the signal path. The Mundorf tweeters are coupled in by a single Mundorf Supreme silver- oil cap and in combination the Club-27 Brian speakers improve the amount of detail and resolution about one full step up from the level which is known from small sized speakers. The basses are active powered 10“ drivers blending in seamless to the small 4" wideband drivers. The big diameter active powered woofers offer full control over the basses and enable the small 4“ wideband drivers to fill even big rooms with music with ease. The active powered woofers allow easy settings of the
right dose of bass in small rooms or big rooms. There is always full control of the amp over the basses because also the woofers are free from passive crossover- parts and the basses always integrate seamless to the midrange because the Brian speakers design is made from the beginning as a system. The 4“ wideband driver transports the musical content as a point source and so the image is big, natural and fully relieved from the speakers. The Brian speakers come with high quality handmade German local made plywood cabinets in many colors.

The Brian speakers are a system and available in variations:
  • Floorstanding speakers with built- in woofers at the side and separated woofer- amps.
  • Sat/Sub system with small bookshelf sattelites which contain the 4“ wideband drivers and the Mundorf AMT tweeters and the active powered woofers in separate cabinets. Matching speaker stands for the satellite speakers are available.
  • For small rooms it is also possible to order the bookshelf satellites and one active powered 10“ woofer only. Matching speaker stands for the satellite speakers are available.
If you prefer smaller woofer cabinets, the Mivoc plate amps can be mounted in a small external cabinet or you can choose for an external Abacus woofer amp. This will reduce the size of the woofer cabinets by about 30%.
Specifications Value
Drivers Crossoverless 4“ wideband drivers, Mundorf Air Motion Tweeters (AMT), coupled- in 6dB/oct. with a single cap,
80Hz - 35Khz (-6dB)
Efficiency 87dB in 8Ohms
Recommended amp- power minimum 20W
Woofers 10" woofers, 8Ohms, active powered by Mivoc AM80 MKII plate amp
30Hz - 80Hz
Dimensions monitor (h x d x w) 25cm x 21cm x 14,5cm
Weight monitor 3,5kg per speaker
Dimensions woofer (h x d x w) 50cm x 44cm x 25cm
Weight woofer 18kg per woofer

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