Club-27 joins XFi September 2019

At the yearly XFi audioshow we have proudly announced our new Brian and Alan speakers. Both speakers are compact in size but show the same characteristic dynamic Club-27 sound. Below a picture of the new Brian speaker. The first impressions of our audience were very positive.

Audioclub Limburg- 14th November 2018

Club-27 has demo-ed their Jimi open baffles at audio club Limburg on the 14th of November.

X-Fi 2018 - 22th and 23th September

Club-27 will join the X-Fi in Veldhoven, Holland's biggest audioshow, please visit us in room 19.

Jimi DUO - 30th Mai 2018

For a Dutch customer we have made a customized special edition of the Jimi open baffles with two 12" Jimi widebanders per baffle. The iron front platters are grained powder coated in dark grey satin.

Amy & Kurt available with glass front platters - March 2018

We now offer the Kurt and Amy speakers with deluxe glass front platters with antqiue oak floor platters. We can deliver the glass front platters in any RAL color of your liking.

AUDIO CLUB OOST BRABANT - 16th of November 2017

CLub-27 got invited to give a demo with the Club-27 Jimi Special Edition open baffles at the Audio Club Oost-Brabant. We've had a warm welcome by the members of the audio club and were very happy with the performance of the Jimi's in this rather big 120m2(!) room. Based upon the reactions of our audience everybody was intrugued by the performance of the Jimi's. Please read here for a report of the evening.


" (..) Orchestral strung instruments are treated very sympathetically, violin is so sweet and the weightier strung instruments like a group of chello actually give the aural impression of vibration which is what the body of the instrument is doing to amplify the vibration of the strings.

The bottom end is very well balanced and does not dominate as some larger speakers sometimes can. They probably don't go as low as some large speakers can but in my room that is a good thing. I still reckon they are getting under 40hz which is good enough for most of us.

They present the music in a very accurate and coherent way, to my ears all the different facets that are part of the mix are in the right place and at the right place in the sound stage. There is a real three dimensional feel to the music and the speakers just disappear which I like and is a neat trick that only the best speakers can pull off. And they are fast, as quick as any small speaker I've experience of, which makes them fun to listen to. They remind me of the Horning Agathons I heard at Rick's, they can't get as low as the Hornings but they have that speed, immediacy and realism that those Hornings had. (..) "

Please click here to read the complete review.

Zelfbouwaudio DIY-event day - 28th of May 2017

At the 28th of May we will join the DIY-event of forum The location is:

Heuvelstraat 52B
4813 GB Breda

09:00 - 19:00

You are welcome to come. A small entrence fee is required. Check here for more info.

Club-27 at the Scalford Hifi Show MARCH 2017

Our UK friend Des presented us at the Scalford Hifi Show this year. He presented the Club-27 Janis and Kurt speakers to the UK audience. Quite a few people described the Club-27 speakers as the best sound at the show and a few others as the best “real world system”, meaning the best system that an average person could afford and justify as well as fit into their homes. If you're in the UK and you're interested in our speakers, please drop us a note and we can bring you in contact with Des. Please also check out this video taken at the Scalford Hifi Show.

Introduction of the Jimi Open Baffles, MARCH 2017

The top line of the Club-27 speakers is formed by the new Jimi open baffles. Our proude new Jimi's are currently under review by Marja & Henk at 6Moons. Soon more news to come...

X-FI 2016, 24TH AND 25TH OF SEPTEMBER 2016

At the X-Fi 2016 Audio show Club-27 was introduced to the public for the first time. It was a great success. Many enthousiastic audiophiles and music lovers were impressed by the sound quality of our products and even more about the quality price ratio.