Jimi Special Edition - front viewJimi Special Edition - front view
Jimi Special Edition - front view
Jimi Special Edition - back view
Jimi Special Edition - front view
Jimi Special Edition - side view

Jimi Special Edition

6300,00 €
The Club-27 Jimi open baffle speakers offer best sound quality, efficiency and dynamics of the Club-27 line of speakers. The Special Edition comes in beautiful French antique oak. The panels are 4cm thick solid oak.The SE comes standard with the upgraded filter.

Price shown is for a pair of speakers.

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Our assembled speakers are custom made for you and built by hand.

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Also available as DIY-kit.

Jimi Hendrix played his guitar like no other and his sound is unmatched until today. He was a non- conformist and he did not accept some of the given rules, this open mind enabled him to find a famous new style in music. His songs like „Hey Joe“ or „Wild Thing“ will always be recognized if you heard them once. He passed away too young but his music will live forever.
The Club-27 Jimi speakers match Jimi Hendrix unique avantgarde approach and they show a new path in speaker- design in the tradition of the legendary Bastanis open baffle speakers. The sound quality of the Club-27 Jimi speakers is unmatched and will satisfy the owners for lifetime, the original is best!

The central units of the Club-27 Jimi speakers are the 12“ wideband drivers which cover the frequency- band from below 100Hz up to about 7Khz. The unique in- house treatments let the wideband drivers behave well and non- resonant by themselves from the bottom to the top. No series crossover- parts are required and the signal- path is most direct and not downgraded by any crossover- parts. This also allows the power- amp the best possible control over the drivers. The easy load, the high efficiency and the high impedance of the open baffles make the Club-27 Jimi speakers ideal partners for any kind of amps and even fly- powered SE tubed amps will live up powering the Club-27 Jimi open baffle speakers.

The open baffle design is free from cabinet- resonances and together with the dipole speakers- character the amount of finest details and the quality of imaging is orientated in the live sound- experience only and not affected by the usual limitations.
The 1“ horn- tweeters are crossovered with a single cap and they are perfect partners for the 12“ wideband drivers offering extreme detail and uncompressed dynamics.

The Club-27 Jimi speakers offer stable imaging with full detail down to lowest listening- levels, best transient response and uncompressed stress- free listening even at live music listening- levels.

The active powered 15“ woofers of the Club-27 Jimi speakers offer powerful and deep bass- response with lots of punch. The big magnet high power 15“ bass- drivers offer the right performance to be the perfect partners for the open baffles and they offer seamless integration because the Jimi speakers are designed as a system from the beginning. The woofers can be placed behind the open baffles or stand alone. This and the easy settings to the belongings of nearly all rooms give the Jimi speakers better versatility than any passive powered speakers. The two 15“ woofers are mounted into sealed cabinets and each woofer has it`s own woofer- amp. The performance and authority of the Club-27 Jimi speakers bass response belongs to the best and will even satisfy listeners who are used to other big and very expensive speakers.

The Jimi speakers come with a rusted cortent steel front plate. However, the steel front plate can be chosen in any powder coated RAL color.

Specifications Value
Drivers Crossoverless 12“ wideband drivers, 1“ horn- tweeters, coupled- in 6dB/oct. with a single cap
Efficiency 100dB in 16Ohms
Recommended amp- power minimum 1W
Woofer 15" woofers, 8Ohms, active powered by Mivoc AM80 MKII plate amp
Max. power- handling 300W
Dimensions of the baffle (h x d x w) 125cm x 7cm x 43cm
Dimensions of the woofer module (h x d x w) 55cm x 55cm x 38cm
Weight 50kg per speaker
Units in box: 2