How to build the DIY Amy speaker?

This is quite easy. The cabinets of the Club-27 speakers are all straightforward to build. Below you will see some PDF's. They will guide you through the process of building the speakers. The most important document is the overview document. It contains 90% of all relevant information. The numbers of the different parts in this doucment refer to the corresponding pdf's.

There are two versions of the DIY plans, one which only consists of the drivers and the electronic parts (you have to buy your own plywood), marked as B, and one that has the cutted plywood and metal feet included, marked as A. For the DIY version you have to buy your own plywood. The DIY version of the drawings show wooden feet that are cut out from the side panels. Of course you can make or buy your own type of feet as long as the distance between the floow and the cabinet is about 10cm.

A - Amy cabinet plan DIY plywood package:

B - Amy cabinet plan DIY: