Janis - 2020 Big Fun Project

DIY-kit - per pair (incl. 21% VAT)
from € 310 for €230
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During the actual 2020 Shut Down- time many customers stay at home and ask for further possibilities to improve the soundquality of their stereo.

We feel the best possibility is to start a new cost- effective big fun project in addition to the main- stereo. If you like to have a second system in your sleeping- room or your bureau which carries all the beauty of music offering real satisfaction listen to music the Janis speakers offer the solution. The smallest speakers from the Club-27 line of speakers carry the musical content and the beauty of sound perfectly and when you have built your individual cabinets and did the assembly you will be proud of your own pair of speakers.

We like to contribute you to reach this aim and until end of 2020 the price for the Janis speaker- kit is reduced from EUR.310,00 incl.21%VAT to EUR.230,00 incl. 21%VAT. You agree to send us pics of the assembled speakers, if you like with an additional short comment how you feel the sound. We will present the pics without name of the customer on the Club-27 website and any customer who shares has the chance to win one of three 12m- sets (fine for a 3m set stereo- cables) of the Club-27 Diy speaker- cables with a value of EUR.104,00. The winners will get informed by mail and receive the cables end of 2020.

With this super- deal on the Janis speakers and a good sounding inexpensive amp (for example used NAD3020) you have the possibility to create a complete stereo- system which competes with many big money stereo`s in terms of musicality under EUR.500,00 all together. Small money and a project which carries big fun for your living at home instead of simply staying at home!

The Janis kits can be ordered from 1st of June 2020.

Building instructions can be found here.

The Club-27 Janis speakers are wonderful wild things and the crossoverless paper- cone wideband drivers together with the paper- cone tweeters transport the essence of music and let you feel the spirit of music in a beautiful way.
The Janis contain that ethereal “musicality” that is remarkably pleasing. It touches ones emotions, has put a smile on my face, and brings an occasional tear to my eye while listening.

Byron Ewick, USA
In the late 1960`s Janis Joplin became famous after the Woodstock festival where she performed. In our modern world her voice couldn`t win a song contest but that`s not what it`s all about. When you listen a Janis Joplin song her voice directly aims your heart. Her unique voice touches your soul within a second, this is the spirit of liberation which lasts forever.

The Club-27 Janis speakers are wonderful wild things and the crossoverless paper- cone wideband drivers together with the paper- cone tweeters transport the essence of music and let you feel the spirit of music in a beautiful way. The Club-27 Janis speakers don`t lead you to the boring unique modern two way standard style speakers sound, you`ll be in love with their presentation of music from the first seconds and you`ll be satisfied with the Club-27 Janis speakers sound quality for a very long time. You probably won`t ever ask for more expensive speakers because the Janis speakers let you take part and make the music come alive. The Janis speakers probably are the most inexpensive speakers which can do this and they also offer smart possibilities for placement. The Club-27 Janis horn- loaded cabinet- design shows best bass- performance and dynamics placed directly before or close to the wall. This placement offers an elegant look in small rooms and even bigger sized room get filled with music.
Specifications Value
Drivers Crossoverless 4“ wideband drivers and papercone- tweeters, basshorn cabinets
Efficiency 90dB in 8Ohms
Recommended amp- power minimum 10W
Max. power- handling 30W
Dimensions (h x d x w) 80cm x 16cm x 27cm
Weight 6kg per speaker

I know I may have set the record for “longest build time”, but the Janis Project has been completedJ.

I want to thank you both for your patience, willingness to provide guidance and share expertise, and for having created the opportunity to build these speakers.

Having never done this, I am pleased to say shortcomings resulting from my lack of ability were minimal. I am truly impressed with the sound; the Janis creates remarkable accuracy, realism, detail and musical satisfaction. It is exciting to hear and a pleasure to listen to!

Of course, that only leaves one question, do you have amplifier recommendations? I am leaning towards lower wattage high quality vintage; perhaps certain Luxman, Tandberg or Hitachi as possibilities.

Thanks again, and I wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and Joyous Holiday!


Byron Ewick, USA


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