Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love.

Louis Kahn

Club-27 Audio got started with a small group of music lovers and professional audio- designers who like to invent the phantastic "live-like" listening- experience known from a few extremely expensive audio- chains at affordable prices. To open this door for a bigger group is the aim of Club-27, we follow our passion and the spirit of liberation. Robert Bastani, wellknown as the designer of the famous Bastanis open baffle speakers and horn speakers is responsible for the design of the Club-27 speakers, this guarantees best possible sound quality becomes available at ordinary prices. How do we do that? re- invents lost qualities. The Club-27 products are a counterpoint to the uniform mainstream products which dominate the market these days.

Club-27 products open the door to true high end audio for everybody. For example, all speakers of the line are based on wideband drivers which are treated by hand to work without any series crossover- parts for superior detail and best transient response.

The Club-27 brand name mirrors the spirit of the famous musicians of the Club27 who all passed away too young. Liberation and passion were the central themes. Their music will stay alive forever. To get in touch and feel the music requires a high quality stereo. Club-27 products makes the music come alive and gets you in touch with these legends.

The wideband drivers are mounted in rear- loaded bass horn- cabinets and offer fundamental, precise and much more powerful basses than anybody would expect from the compact size. The wideband drivers cover the frequency band which carries musical information and the specialized tweeters add air and offer extended detail. The bigger speakers of the line offer very high efficiency and let even fly- powered tubed amps live up.

Club-27 products are a step ahead over the mainstream due to their most simple and advanced design. They are affordable and for the DIY-enthusiast easy to make.

The Club-27 speakers lead you closer to the music and give you a better „live“ feeling opening new perspectives.

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